Rainbow trout from de Cumilahue River, Chile. Our guest Keith Simpson at a run near the lodge.

"To Pat and Adrian - If Heaven is like this it will be wonderful"
Alfred W. Pinkerton,
1976. Photograph.
For Adrian Dufflocq- "My good Chilean friend who lives on one of the greatest rivers in the world"
Hoagy Carmichael
November 1977. Inscribed by the author in his book "A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod" (1977). New York. Martha's Glen Publishing Co.
"Gran abrazo for Pat and Adrian from a happy fisherman who will be back again and again"
Jack Hemingway,
December 1979. Photograph. (And he did!)
"To Adrian, my good friend and keen Angler, with thoughts of experiences shared astream and the anticipation of many more on the idyllic Cumilahue and other great rivers of the world."
William R. McAfee,
September 1971" Photograph.
(The Cumilahue river) "This great fly fishing stream passes the Cumilahue Fishing Lodge operated by Adrian Dufflocq, a guide who really knows where the fish are in this area and how to get them."
Bill Bird,
in his article "Angler's Paradise" South America Travel Digest. (1966) South America Travel Organization, Beverly Hills, Calif. Paul, Richmond & Company.

Fly fishing in Chile with Adrian and Patricia Dufflocq. Our guest Rob Sloane with rainbow trout, and no comments needed.

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