Fly fishing in Chile. A remote river back in the Andes valleys of the beautiful lake region. Our guests Gerry and Helen Rose from Australia, during the 2005 trout season. Cumilahue Fly Fishing Lodge. 

"lf I had to choose one South American river as most nearly approaching to perfection as a dry-fly trout stream it would be the Cumilahue in Chile, a few hours drive from Valdivia, where Adrian Dufflocq maintains a comfortable lodge for fly fishermen alongside the river, which is strictly limited with a two-fish daily keeping limit (the only South American river so restricted)"
Ed Zern,
in his article "South American Bonanza!" "Field and Stream" January 1980. (Since 1984 it is catch and release only)
"To Adrian, Laird of Cumilahue, Guardian of the river and its Noble Tenants, who with Pat's unflagging help, makes visiting anglers know what they may expect in Heaven"
Tony Bisgood
January 1981. Inscription in book.
"I am hard pressed to say which excels; the Dufflocq hospitality or the fishing - guess we'll have to keep coming back until we can decide. Have a great '85'86 season."
Clark Warren" Spring of 1985.
"For Adrian who has his own river. Many thanks for a great time"
Jay & Frank Robertson
December 1989. Inscription in book.

"To my dear friend and Maestro, Adrian Dufflocq this souvenir of the Tweed as a token of everlasting friendship."
I. G. Cardim,
Kelso upon Tweed, Scotland, 1971. Photograph.

Fly fishing in Chile. A lady angler fishes a pool in the backyard of the Cumilahue Fishing Lodge, Chile. The flower is a Copihue, Chile´s national flower.

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