Fly fishing in Chile. A couple of years ago, the first time ever this river was floated. Brown trout among others, caught by angler Frank Robertson. Cumilahue Fly Fishing Lodge.

"To my good friend Adrian Dufflocq with very special thanks for your Excellent Hospitality and For sharing the Beauty and pleasures of your wonderful Trout streams. I hope you find this work both enjoyable and informative and that we will have many more Fishing trips and Fish Stories to share over the years. Very Highest Regards,
Jim Brown
December 1997 . Inscribed by the author in his book "A Treasury of Reels" (1990) Manchester, Vermont. The American Museum of Fly Fishing.

"To Adrian Dufflocq With thanks for a wonderful week of kind hospitality and good fishing - something from one of my areas of interest to repay you for sharing yours.. And the very best".
David Beazley.
December 1997. Inscribed by the author in his booklet "Fishing Reels, A History by David- Beazley" (1987) London. Reprint from The Journal of Flyfishers' Club, Summer 1987, Vol. 76, Number 284.

"Adrian - Thank you for helping me catch my first fish-and without beadheads! Your passion for the sport is inspiring and contagious - I'm hooked! We miss both you and Patricia"
Lori Lenskold.
January '99. Photograph

"Pat and Adrian: Fresh food, fine wine, trout on bamboo rod - Cumilahue"
Mark Moxley.
February 99. Photograph.

To Adrian Dufflocq whom Lee Wulff would have loved to meet."
Lucien Rolland.
June 1999. Inscription in book.

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