Ernest Schwiebert, master angler, our dear late friend, with whom we shared the fishing secrets of the superb rivers of our valley for over 30 years. Here he shows a rainbow trout from the Cumilahue River. Chile.

“Cumilahue was wonderful. Jasper skunked us all – 46 fish on the fly, some on a fly Adrian helped him tie. For a barely 12-year old boy, that was HUGE.”

… “The facilities were great, the food great, the energy of the guides enormous, the variety of fishing situations wide, and the overall feeling very pleasant. I will never forget my guide tying one more fly on, at 10:00 at night by the light of the very full moon. To me that is tough duty, but it worked!!!”

“Adrian and his wife Pat are supremely gracious hosts, work very hard to make their guests feel comfortable, challenged and refreshed, and run a great place.”

“It´s a long trip, but in my view very worthwhile. I know Jasper wants to return, and I think we will!”

Carolyn Lee
Travel report. June 2, 2005
“Dear Adrian,
This is a decent argentinian Malbec Reserva, but his value is the brand: Finca Arco Iris!
I dreamed it, I wanted,…I made it!
I appreciate your friendship, your humour , your character which I liked from the very first moment I met you.
Merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous New Year and…tight lines!

Giulio Merati Foscarini
Letter, 25, December 2004

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