Fly fisherman Gary Mintz  with a trophy rainbow trout. Cumilahue River. Fly fishing in Chile with Adrian and Patricia Dufflocq.

Fly fishing for trout in Chile; how it all started.
Trout and salmon are native species of the Northern Hemisphere. During the late 1800's a few trout eggs were shipped to Chile as scientific experiments, but they were not successful in the acclimatisation of the species to our waters in the wilderness. However the first major introduction, took place in 1905, with eggs brought from Europe. During the following years, brown and rainbow trout were introduced to almost every reachable drainage of the country, mainly South of Santiago and specially to what is known as "The Region of the Big Lakes".

Brown, rainbow and brook trout adapted remarkably well to the habitat of the many rivers and lakes of Chile becoming an exceptionally abundant wild fisheries. The growth rate is very efficient and the trout may reach surprising sizes. Starting around 1930, a trickle of sport fishermen visited Chile every year and sampled fantastic fishing. The word got around and past our borders. In the early 50's Roderick Haig-Brown fished in Chile and Argentina and wrote "Fisherman's Winter". Soon thereafter sport fishermen from many countries took long journeys to fish for trout in our waters. Many anglers of international prestige authored stories about their experiences in Chile. Today we have a well established reputation as a trout fisherman's choice destination.

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