Fly fishing in Chile. The Cumilahue River with an angler casting to raising trout, flowing through Adrian and Patricia’s farm and the Cumilahue Fly Fishing Lodge.

Our location.
In a remote valley of the Andes, where time stopped, it is described in National Geographic's book "Excursion to Enchantment.…. A Journey to the World's Most Beautiful Places' (1988).

The lodge is located in one of the most spectacular rivers and lakes system in the country: the Lake Ranco drainage which has unique conditions for outdoor recreation, without parallel in the country. A variety of outstanding natural resources: lakes, islands, rivers, streams and springs, some of them with hot water, two volcanoes, and pastoral valleys crossed by pristine rivers which provide excellent trout fishing, are all surrounded by snow caped mountains and virgin woods.

The lake Ranco drainage, is a complex water system with more than two hundred important streams, 16 rivers, 23 lagoons and four large lakes. The snow of the Andes mountains melt through creeks, to feed a chain of lakes that empty into each other through several rivers. The Lake Ranco, the second largest lake in Chile, gathers all of these waters; it's outlet, the "Río Bueno" flows free for over 120 miles to finally reach the Pacific Ocean.

Dry fly fishing for wild trout at the Cumilahue River, Chile.


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